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This project is a package that provides a Angular TypeScript REST client intended to be used as a dependency for other Senzing projects like @senzing/sdk-components-ng. This project should conform to the OAS schema defined in Senzing/senzing-rest-api-specification

The usage for classes, models, and services can be found in the documentation examples.


npm install @senzing/rest-api-client-ng --save

Building from source

git clone git@github.com:Senzing/rest-api-client-ng.git
cd rest-api-client-ng
npm install
npm run build:prod
npm run package

The steps above will checkout the repo and build the package to the ./dist/@senzing/rest-api-client-ng directory. The local package can then be statically installed by using first changing to the directory of your project and doing a npm install ./relative/path/to/dist/@senzing/rest-api-client-ng/rest-api-client-ng.0.0.0.tgz or npm link.

Running unit tests

Run npm run test to execute the unit tests via Karma.

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